How Not to Look Like a Tourist in NYC

Almost every one of us is guilty of stuffing our suitcases and rucksacks with trendy clothes before starting our trips to new places. And for this very reason, I’d forgive the tons of tourists that flood the city of New York, all clad in trendy clothes, walking around too slow, not carrying an umbrella and pausing in the middle of the sidewalk. To all these people, there’s only one thing I’d say, New Yorkers might initially come across as rude and short-tempered, but they are as nice as anyone else around the world, but that becomes apparent only once you get yourself familiar with the NYC etiquette.

That said, it’s pretty straight-forward to blend in and look like a local. I’m listing down the basics for you to follow while you’re travelling from places like DC to NYC by bus or train. Trust me, you’ll have a much better and easier time experiencing New York City. And the best thing, you won’t come across as a tourist and the locals won’t curl their lips at you.

1. Walk with a purpose in mind: People in New York City, just like any other metropolitan, nowhere they are going. It’s more of a brisk walk than a morning saunter.
2. Keep to the right on the sidewalk: Sidewalks in New York City are just like its streets. Thus, to keep the flow going, you stay to the right.
3. Confidence is the key: The folks in this city are assertive and intrepid. Since people are always in a rush, it’s better to know where you’re going and be prepared for the things coming to you. It saves you, and everyone around some valuable time.
4. Never step inside an empty subway car: Never, I repeat, never step inside an empty subway car if all the cars around are full.
6. The sides of the escalators – the RIGHT side is for standing and the left for walking. Keep in mind and you won’t get yelled at.
7. Don’t tell a cab where you’re headed until you’re inside – because once you’re inside, they can’t turn you down.
8. Travel with OurBus: OurBus is a feature-rich service and the best way to travel from places like DC to NYC by bus. It’s comfortable, loaded with amenities like free Wi-Fi, reclining seats, charging ports, sanitized restrooms, free water, etc. and is immensely easy too book.

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