How To Keep Yourself Occupied On The Train From NYC to DC

The train journey from New York, the world’s food capital, to Washington DC, the country’s capital is around three hours long. That’s a lot of time if you’re travelling alone with no devices, left to your own.

Train journeys are wonderful if you’re travelling through wooded areas but this particular one is full of bridges, skylines and concrete jungles.

What must one do to pass the time on this long commute?

Fret not, here’s a few tips and tricks to make your train journey whizz through the hours:

1. Acquire audiobooks and podcasts about the city you are about to visit. If visiting for the first time, this can be beneficial for you to understand the place as well as get to know about new places you could add to your itinerary.

2. Catch up on a good new movie. Download a couple of good flicks on your phone or pad in case the network in the train fluctuates. This is the time to relax before a long day in the city.

3. Bring along some card games. A good game of Uno amongst friends or Cards Against Humanity with fellow travellers could be a fun way to dillydally.

4. Read blogs or short stories on your favourite website. Websites like Reddit do not use much data and can load up pages of information in one go. With so much reading material, you wouldn’t even know how fast you’ve reached your destination.

5. Enjoy the view! The train journey, albeit long, has its own beauty. If you’re one to capture pictures of cool infrastructure, there are a lot of options laid out for you on either side of the windows.The huge neon sign indicating you’ve reached Trenton, beautiful views of the skyline in Philadelphia and the marvellous view of the Victorian Boathouse Row, a historic landmark.

Surely, the excitement of travelling from one place to another wears out in the first thirty minutes or so, these tips might help you cope with the hours. Follow this and the train from NYC to DC will be beautiful!

Happy Travels!

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