Is Commute Driving You Crazy?

You wake up; sleep deprived, exhausted and in dire need of some coffee. Trying to stick to the tedium, somehow, you manage to get out of your bed, get your act together, rustle up and brace yourself for the day ahead. Now, what’s more frightening than your long day at work?

Perhaps the mind-deadening commute. Strangers nudging against you in packed subways, roads clogged with not-so-mindful blockheads, city buses and cars slowly inching towards their destinations at a pace that even pedestrians outstrip; does it not sting like salt on an undeserving wound? I don’t have to tell you how commute sucks big time. There are no two ways around it. At OurBus, we feel your pain.

All things considered, why don’t you remove yourself wholly from this commuting rat race before this atrocious commute kills you?

We also understand how it’s just not possible to ride or walk to work every time. Then how can you possibly turn your commute into positive experiences?

It’s all about your mindset. While there’s nothing you can do about blocked intersections, cramped subways and stations, gridlocked highways and half-baked lane changers, fuming and stressing would only heighten your anxiety. Let’s see what we can do to bring about a change.

  1. Mindful breathing: Deep breathing is one of the best ways to relax your mind and body. This is so because it tricks your brain into believing that you’re already relaxed.
  2. Mental games along the way: Amidst those foolhardy drivers and suffocating congestion, how do you keep your sanity? You distract yourself with simple mental games. Sometimes, something as simple as counting backwards can be strange enough to distract you from all the clamor.
  3. Smile and snack: Think of a few good things that happened to you earlier that day, if at all they did, and stop fretting. Not everything’s as bad as it appears. Plus you should always pack in some snacks for your rides. Fruits and smoothies can be particularly helpful you trim your enmity and mental crunch.

Alternatively, you can travel with ease and comfort with OurBus. Capitalize on the multiple intercity and commuter routes proffered by OurBus and save up to 50% of your time and money. Some of the most popular routes on our itinerary are NYC to Binghamton, Washington to NYC, Binghamton to New York City, NYC to Ithaca, etc.

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