Jazz Festivals in NYC

NYC’s a hub for live music. But if the streets of New York City could sing, they would most probably hum a jazz melody. Everyone knows that jazz in New York is some of the best in the world. The city of New York has always claimed the bragging rights as the jazz capital of the planet. However, lately, jazz in the city has witnessed an upsurge in a special way.


Regardless of what people in other cities feel, the Big Apple is the best place in the world for jazz music. And the greatest revelation regarding jazz music in NYC is that one can start early, continue until the wee hours, and still not end up spending a lot of money. Honestly, there’s no shortage of jazz to explore in our city, or I should rather say that there’s no shortage of live music in our city. NYC’s a hub for live music. Whether you’re a local planning on doing it solo or someone who’s getting around the USA by bus, exploring whatever comes your way, these NYC jazz festivals won’t disappoint.


Blue Note Festival

Blue Note Jazz Festival is a celebration of jazz and blues music (sometimes a few other genres are covered too – R&B, soul, to name a few). It’s an annual festival held in the month of June in multiple venues across the city.


Venue: Highline Ballroom, Blue Note, Town Hall

When: TBA soon


Jumpers and Jazz in July Festival

The festival intends to highlight some of the city’s most notable contributions to the genre of jazz, bringing together as much as 100 events during the 10 days of the festival.

The Official 2018 program will be announced in May 2018.


Venue: TBA soon

When: 19 – 29 July


Charlie Parker Jazz Festival

With all shows free of charge, this is a rather low-key festival best suited for jazz fans who appreciate Charlie Parker’s musical individuality.


Venue: Marcus Garvey Park, Harlem

Tompkins Square Park, Manhattan

When:  23 – 26 August


So what are you waiting for? If you want to get your groove on, mark your calendars and get on a bus to New York City!


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