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The city’s neighbourhoods change and that’s completely normal. And one that has changed drastically is the swath of real estate is known as the Lower East Side.

Back in the day, Downtown was synonymous with artistic experimentation. But while that’s not the case today, the spirit of those times still lingers in the art galleries of the Lower East Side.

The whole area had a history of ethnic diversity and radical politics. The East Village was psychedelia central in the ‘60s, and during the early ‘80s a hot, but rather short-lived art gallery landscape.

But after a lull, galleries are back, farther south, and lots of them. And a few historical traces of the rich culture of still hangs on.

These venues project a funky vibe and has attracted the attention of Chelsea art galleries, who have not only opened branches to Lower East Side, but have also moved here. Looking for the latest in art? You are at the right place. Take a look at our guide the the best art galleries in the Lower East Side.

Loidada Center

Let by Puerto Rican activists in the mid ‘70s, Loisaida Center began as a grassroots movement in the Lower East Side to combat violence and the rampant use of drugs and poverty.

Boesky East

Marianne Boesky, a revered gallerist, made her first entry in the Lower East Side just last Spring to offer her stable of established artists a space to connect with a downtown crowd. This is her third location and currently, a street lamp that towers over the exhibition.

Marc Straus Gallery

Co-founded by a former oncologist along with his wife, Marc Straus Gallery is a contemporary art gallery on the Lower East Side which started in 2011 after the founded spent 40 years collecting the art pieces.

It’s not just about Lower East Side, the whole of NYC has a really incredible art landscape. People come all the way from Washington DC to NYC to sneak their way into NYC art scene.

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