Making the most out of your NYC trip

Over the last couple of years, I’ve met a lot of people yearning to visit New York City. And why not? New York City is a delightful city that thrills; it’s a love letter to both its residents and tourists. However, not all have them have been lucky enough to embrace the city. This is because NYC is the most expensive city in the US. It’s blatantly expensive, not only for the people residing in the city but for the tourists exploring it as well. So much so that New York City on a budget sounds like an outright lie. And therefore, there’s no need for you to ditch your plans to visit the most extravagant metropolis in the world.

While there’s no way to slash your tickets and accommodation prices into half, there are loads of other saving tips that will help you get the bang for your buck. First things first, the best thing you can do to save a big chunk is to obtain a tourist pass. This pass would provide you discounted access (and sometimes free as well) to many a destination.

Cheap sleep: Accommodation charges in NYC are as high as its distinguished skyscrapers. The best thing you can do is to start checking your hotel prices early on, let’s say a few months before your trip. This way, there are more chances of finding you a steal. Airbnb is also an exciting option if you wish to explore the city like a local. Or you can simply look out for accommodation in NYC’s other boroughs. There’s more to the city than Manhattan.

Travel like the New Yorkers do: The subway system and the buses in NYC are effective, safe and inexpensive. What’s better is that they run round the clock, 365 days a year. One of the world’s most far-reaching mass transit systems, it exists for a reason; for you to leverage it to your maximum advantage.

Well, the good news is that your savings just don’t stop here. The city is also home to OurBus, a smart commute service operating pre-booked buses on popular routes to and from New York. Destinations including Binghamton, Washington, Ithaca, Union City, Columbia, Hamilton, etc. are on the map. OurBus offers direct, point-to-point service along with the option to customize pickup and drop-off location.

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