Making the most out of your visit to Lady Liberty

As one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world, I thought visiting the Statue of Liberty would be an easy affair. I put in a lot of efforts to figure out how to plan my trip the Lady Liberty. But you know what, I failed, miserably. All the guidebooks that I read, they failed me. Mind you, this was the time when the internet was basically non-existent. It was my first visit to New York City and I remember how I spent hours figuring out the tedious subway network, browsing through the plentiful bus stops near me, finding out the ferry routes and details and all the rest of it.

In the entire process, I managed to stitch together all the requisite details. But now that you have the internet, you can pretty much get it all with a few clicks and taps, here and there. However, each year, millions come to NYC to marvel at this monument of architectural brilliance, which simply means extremely long waits and a lot of disappointment.


This is exactly why you’d need these insider tips. I’m sharing with you all the things I wish I had known.


  1. Allow yourself plenty of time – if you’re heading towards the Statue of Liberty, it’s a good idea to include the Ellis Island in your itinerary. The entire trip can take as much as 6 hours, so plan accordingly.
  2. Get your tickets well in advance and come as early as possible – even getting to the ferry can consume more than an hour. Avoid travelling on weekends when the queues are the longest. If possible, catch the first ferry of the day. With a pre-booked ticket, you can skip the line and get straight to the security.
  3. Pack along a picnic – to avoid the lines for overpriced, mediocre food.
  4. Plan ahead of time and climb to the crown – 363 steps in each direction take you the lady’s crown. This, though, requires a reservation.

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