May Event Calendar NYC

This May, explore New York City like never before!

If you’re not in the city, just get on a bus from DC, Florida or Philadelphia to NYC because we have a list of some epic things happening here, this month!

  • What: Time’s Journey Through a Room

    Where: A.R.T./New York Theatres

    Why:  Go for a play, directed by the famous Japanese playwright Toshiki Okada, inspired partly by the Fukushima nuclear accident.

    When: May 10-June 10

    How much: $15-$45


  • What: Parson Dance

    Where: The Joyce Theater

    Why: David Parsons and his troop, once more, serenade the grounds of Joyce with four interesting dance pieces including the company’s favorite ‘Caught’.

    When: May 15-27

    How much: $51-$66


  • What: My First Time: A Stand-Up and Storytelling Show

    Where: Q.E.D

    Why: Angela Cobb and a number of guest comics entertain with stories of their first times! Sounds fun for a Wednesday night!

    When: May 16

    How much: $10


  • What: Alex Zhang Hungtai & Gabriel Ferrandini

    Where: Park Church Co-op

    Why: An evening filled with free jazz, saxophones, synthesizers, percussions and pianos for some hauntingly beautiful melodies!

    When: May 17

    How much: $12-$15


  • What: CoffeeCon.

    Where: Villain

    Why: Learn the classic art of brewing the perfect cuppa. You could master the perfect roasting technique, go on a coffee tasting tour or just drink as much coffee as you want!

    When: May 19-20

    How much: $20-$50


  • What: Ninth Ave International Food Festival

    Where: Hell’s Kitchen

    Why: This year’s food festival kicks off in full swing, catered by some of the best food joints in Hell’s Kitchen! Join the 45-year old tradition!

    When: May 19-20

    How much: Prices vary.



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