Metal music in NYC

If you ask me, and I’m being very honest here, New York City is not a metal mecca the way it’s a jazz or hip-hop town. But that only makes the metal scene that thrives in here all the more interesting. Regardless, our city has an extensive history in metal music and that is reflected in the various bars dotting this city that blast metal. And the best thing, you don’t have to be donned all in the uniform. You forget your Metallica Vest at home, you’d be welcomed regardless.


Anyway, I consider myself an expert on two things; food and metal. And that’s why I decided to hunt down the top places for metalheads to grab some grub, and if you prefer, drinks.


Mind you, here I’m not going to talk rock dives that occasionally spin the best of this genre’s, but bona fide metal bars.


So NYC, get ready to feast your taste buds and more importantly, raise your horns.


Three of Cups

83 1st Avenue
New York, NY 10003, USA



168 Marcy Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211, USA


Saint Vitus

1120 Manhattan Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11222, USA



Idle Hands Bar
25 Avenue B, Downstairs
New York, NY 10009


Acme Bar & Grill
9 Great Jones Street
New York, NY 10012-1128


Lucky 13 Saloon

644 Sackett St

Brooklyn, NY 11217, USA



The Acheron

57 Waterbury St

Brooklyn, NY 11206, USA



So whether you are in New York City currently or would be arriving here shortly, now you know where to head for good food, cheap booze, and the best metal in town. Just take a bus to NY.

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