New York City’s Finest Gardens

All over the world, the city of New York is referred to as a concrete jungle. But what most do not know is that this city, as a whole, also has a beautiful countryside with lush landscapes well-suited to match horticulture enthusiast with the strictest of standards. There are small pockets where rich verdure not just thrives but provides a welcoming respite from the urban pace.


And as much as we love the city’s biggest green lungs, i.e. The Central Park, NYC is also home to several smaller, lesser-known gems. There’s a secret garden in every single borough, ranging from plots brimming with flowers and yoga classes to little strips of umbrage nestled amidst the office buildings. In a city packed with more than eight million people, these hidden treasures let you score rare moments of solitude  


Take in the full splendour of spring’s blooms at the city’s prettiest botanic gardens and conservatories.


Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Set in the city’s most trending borough and comprising of more than a dozen independent gardens, Brooklyn Botanic Garden spreads across 52-acre of land and is home to plants from 3 different temperate zones.

990 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, New York City


Gardens of the Battery

The Battery Gardens are four and a half acres of perennial gardens, free and open for everyone. Overlooking the majestic New York Harbor, it lies at Manhattan’s southernmost tip and is made up of 2 separate gardens, namely the Remembrance Garden and Bosque Garden.

1 Battery Pl, New York City


The Garden at St Luke in the Fields

Like an oasis in the West Village, the gardens at St Luke are some of NYC’s most admired and distinctive gardens and features a fine collection of native flora and some rare hybrids.   

485 Hudson St, New York City

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