NYC for the Musician in You – Best Music Stores

The city is full of wonders. You will meet all kinds of people, hotshot bankers to badass lawyers, drama enthusiasts to artists. If you’re a musician and are in New York City, you’re definitely in for a treat. Doesn’t matter if you are an amateur or a pro, you will love all the gear on display.

If you’re looking to buy yourself some new gear this Cyber Week, you should check out these amazing stores while you’re here.

Guitar Center

Location: 218 West 44th St (7th Avenue), Manhattan, NY

Do you think you have seen enough guitars in all of your life? If you haven’t visited this store, the odds of you being wrong are very high. With a wide array of guitars on display and demo, this is one of the best places the guitarist in you could be at. 

Sam Ash Music

Location: 333 W 34th St (between 8th & 9th Ave.), New York, NY

This place is known for their vast inventory and the expertise of their employees. If you haven’t researched well and are here to buy, don’t worry about it. The staff will ensure that you go home with just the right thing.

The Music Inn

Location: 169 W 4th St, New York, NY

Do the different sorts of instruments that exist intrigue you? Do you want to understand how different instruments work?

If yes, then this is definitely the place for you. Ask to see the “Ocean Harp” at the back. Arguably, of course, it is said to sound like The Matrix. (Nerdy as charged!)

All of these outlets have instruments on discount for the whole week. Go give yourself a treat!

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