NYC Museums You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

A museum that houses more than 1.5 million artefacts and antiquities; and it is discarded as a secondary sight. Well, it can only happen in a city like New York City.

Yes, almost all of us are familiar with the city’s big-name institutions – The Museum of Modern Art, American Museum of Natural History, and of course, the Guggenheim and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. All of these are worthy of an article and a visit, at most. And to be honest, we have visited them dozens of time. Would it not be great if there were more museums that weren’t as crowded as the ones mentioned above and offered new experiences.

New York is surprisingly rich in history. I’ve discovered that finding a museum in NYC is easier than finding bus stops near me.

If you look behind in between and beyond the monumental walls of these museums, you would come across some of the city’s most unconventional museums, all of whom are dedicated to different topics. Well, ever heard of a museum dealing with immigrant life up till the great depression or a museum that depicts an African-American’s struggle? There’s a lot more to the list of NYC’s museums than the above-mentioned biggies.


Rubin Museum of Art

Life an oasis within the city, Rubin Museum of Art is dedicated to collecting, displaying and preserving the art of the Himalayas, India, Tibet and a few other neighbouring Himalayan regions. There’s a permanent collection that focuses solely on Tibet’s art.


Where: Chelsea, Manhattan


New Museum

It’s the only museum in Manhattan that deals in contemporary art. Founded on the beliefs of innovation and understanding by Marcia Tucker in 1977, New Museum is a prominent destination for new ideas and art.


Where: Lower East Side, Manhattan


Brooklyn Museum

Brooklyn Museum is NYC’s second largest museum and holds about 1.5 million artifacts. Effortless spanning the planet and the time, this museum permanent collections of Egyptian, European and African art ranging from diverse time periods.


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