NYC – The City that Never Sleeps

What happens when someone thinks of the most exemplary American city? Almost instinctively, New York City is what comes to mind. No one ever moved to New York City looking for quietude and reclusion. There are some very good reasons as to why this city of undying spirit has the reputation of being the city that does not sleep. New York City successfully rebuts the notion that nights are meant for sleeping like no other. You can conceivably relinquish the daytime without ever having to worry about missing on literally anything. You’d still be able to eat the best food, savor the finest formulated cocktails and chum around with pals till the wee hours of morning. There aren’t any ‘last calls’ in New York City



until 4 in the morning.

NYC is rightfully known for its bewildering nightlife. It not just stays awake but has a blast when the rest of the cities sleep. Regardless of the time of night you choose to hop out, you’d be certain to find plenty to do; be it cocktail dens, dance-only clubs or friendly dive bars. The city is home to some of the world’s most legendary scenes with options for each and every quirk and price cap. So, when you’ve seen a late night screening at the Broadway Theater, ferried to the Staten Island, marvelled at the Statue of Liberty, been to the top of the Empire State Building, you just don’t get back to your hotel room. You hit a jazz club. Or attend a cabaret show. Or any of the numerous comedy clubs. Or maybe a beer garden. A good night’s sleep isn’t everything you need; you can always get some on your flight back home.

In few of our coming blogs, I’d be writing about New York City’s electrifying nightlife in detail. Stay Tuned!

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