One Day Family Beach Trips Around Washington DC

A beach trip sounds like a great escape plan for the whole family after a long week of work and school. The warm and salty breeze, the cool waves of the sea tickling your toes, the blazing sun waiting to give you that bronze glow and the ice cold popsicles that everybody loves! Some sunscreen, some toys and some sunglasses, and you could be off to paradise.

The beach life sounds great, but who has the time to plan a vacation in the middle of everything?

With the Atlantic being a minimum of 3 hours away, it might seem tricky.

But what if this trip could be made in just one day?

Here’s a list of beaches you could visit with your family, that are super close as well as a ton of fun:

1. Breezy Point

Breezy Point Rd, Chesapeake Beach, MD 20732, USA

Breezy Point is a beach and camping ground in Calvert County in Chesapeake Bay. With various fishing options and a 1/2 mile stretch of public beach space, this makes for a great picnic spot and good fun for the whole family. You could camp overnight, grill and also play a selection of sports here!

2. Leeslyvania State Park

2001 Daniel K Ludwig Dr, Woodbridge, VA 22191, USA

This beautiful natural sand beach on the shores of the Potomac River offers a variety of fun activities for kids as well as adults. The beach is extremely clean and there are a lot of fishing, kayaking and trail hiking options. With a universally accessible pier, playgrounds and turtle ponds, Leesylvania is an ideal locale for your next beach trip.

3. North Beach

North Beach, Maryland, USA

North Beach is named “The Jewel of The Chesapeake”, and it holds true to its name because of all the amazing things you can find in this town. From swimming to shopping for antiques, to fine dining to bicycling on the boardwalk, this beach runs nothing short. There are screenings of movies in the evenings, Friday night markets and fine art galleries and other non-beach related activities to really cover all the spots.

Ugh. All this talk of beaches just makes me want to get my beach gear, look for bus stops near me and board a bus to the nearest one.

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