OurBus Launches Main Line Route From Western Philly Suburbs to NYC

Are you travelling from Philadelphia to New York City?

For an average person taking a regular Amtrak Train, it takes 2 hours to reach NYC, costing somewhere between $45 and $60 for a one-sided trip. That’s pretty steep.

Now, how about a drive to NYC?

Counting the 3 tollbooths on the route, the exorbitant overnight parking charge of more than $50 and what not, you would definitely have to brace for a hole in your pocket. Add to that, the fuel costs and he fire has now spread to your bank account.

It’s even worse for the folks residing in the suburban points around Philadelphia. Traveling 1 hour into Philadelphia to catch a bus that takes more than 2 hours is simply not fair. Each passing day, the transit system in and around NYC is getting slower and more intermittent.

The public commute charges are outrageous.

At OurBus, we care for you. We understand that our customers deserve faster, economical and a more reliable bus service.

With the lack of any legit bus service from Philadelphia to New York City and our absolute urge to accommodate your needs, OurBus has introduced the most convenient, cheapest and comfortable bus service from Philadelphia to NYC.

We have done this to make sure that you get the best of services.

We know that you deserve a solid bus network around New York City and to be saved from the squabble. Don’t fret, OurBus is here for you.

  • OurBus service starts at an introductory price of $9.99
  • We provide several FREE parking hotspots along the route, namely Malvern and King of Prussia.
  • Parking at Fort Washington and West Chester at meager charges of $1/day and $9/day

With a fresh outlook on this neglected route, we have made sure that the route lacks redundant turns and deviations and is the most direct path between NYC and Philadelphia.

Ourbus is all about the possibilities. We make sure that you get to save all that time, effort and money because all of us could use just a little more, couldn’t we?

In short, OurBus has taken away all the hassle and made the journey fresh and beautiful for you. To receive updates on our Main Line route, fill out our online form.

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