Ourbus makes life easier for long commuters

In 2011, I plucked myself from the city I lived in and moved with bag and baggage to a part of the country that I had nothing to do with. No roots. No ties. No friends, no colleagues. I knew no one, except for the one person I had made the move for. Well obviously that one person could not ferry me around and baby sit me and so I was left to fend for myself as an adult. Now small-town minded me had to deal with the concept of a big city. Massive city and insanely long commutes. I had lived all my life in places where you knew everyone around and got to any place within fifteen minutes or perhaps thirty to forty-five minutes at the maximum. An hour long commute was considered REALLY long. An hour and a half was acceptable if was to the airport and airports are usually situated on the outskirts of a city.

And here I was in my new home, with two hour long daily commutes to work. And this was just one way. And so effectively I spent 4 hours just getting to and getting back from work in addition to the nine hours I was expected to spend there. There was no concession for weather and winters got really dreary and dark. It took me a while to understand that literally everyone in larger cities endure a commute this long and seemed to be okay with it. And so I started finding ways to spice up my commute. I love reading and so started devouring one book a week. Soon I was done with the entire book shelf and started buying more. Those were the days when I read an entire book starting from the epilogue to prologue and  even the acknowledgements. Truly end-to-end, something that I haven’t done even for the Harry Potter series (which I love to the T). The books spiced my commute during those days. I used to commute by extremely crowed trains. I would wear a heavy laptop backpack, hold my book with no breathing space, sandwiched against people, standing through the two hours, absorbed in my reading.

I soon bought a Kindle and a week later changed my job to a place much closer. But those days always remind me of my commuting conditions. Thankfully, we have OurBus now. I wish I had the option back then to commute in a clean, less crowded coach with water-bottles and breathing space like the kind offered by OurBus. I wish I had Wi Fi to work. I had nothing and so stuck to my books.

But the travel did take its toll on me. It is not the number of hours but the comfort in those hours… isn’t it? We get it and that is why OurBus is genuinely a luxury on wheels for affordable and dependable pricing. Have you booked your hassle free ticket today?

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