Pad Thai in New York – Part 2

Pad Thai is as Thailand as Thai street food can get.

Imagine walking through the busy streets of Bangkok, enjoying the unique aromas of all the street food stands you walk by. As hunger strikes, you stop at a little shop and ask for what they make best. It’s pad thai: A wonderful preparation of noodles, bathed in sweet and savoury sauces like chilly paste, fish sauce and vinegar with crunchy sprouts and radish in the mix, wonderfully grilled prawns and chilly flakes to top it off.

Yes, this experience has come to New York and we are hungry for it.

Here’s a list of some of the best Pad Thai you can get your hands on in New York:

1. Khao Nom

76-20 Woodside Ave, Flushing, NY 11373, USA

Khao Nom is famous because of its unusual execution of the typical pad thai. Sans any eggs, tofu and peanuts it still delivers as one of the best pad thai spots in the city. The noodles are thick and coated in a sweet and spicy tamarind-chilly sauce served with sprouts, chives and caramelised jumbo prawns with their shells on.

2. Somtum Der

85 Avenue A, New York, NY 10009, USA

The pad thai at Somtum Der is somewhat like the one at Khao Nom – no eggs, tofu or peanuts. But like the latter, it’s still pretty darn delicious. The sweetness in the pad thai is not because of palm sugar, a main ingredient in the recipe, but crabmeat, and heaps of it. The sauce is pretty deliciously saccharine and picante, the noodles wholesome and completely coated in it and the dish is finally topped with flakes of chillies.

3. Kitchen 79

 37-70 79th St, Jackson Heights, NY 11372, USA

Notoriously known for its spicy Thai food and arguably the best in the city. Kitchen 79 does provide amazing pad thai, among other things. You can choose the spice levels and order a bowl according to your taste. Also, they let you choose the protein you wish to have. If shrimp isn’t for you, you could just ask for no dried shrimps and pick chicken to be the main meat for your pad thai.


Quite often, I wake up with a craving for these brilliant delicacies. I get out of bed, walk out of my house and get on one of the many buses near me to reach any of these wonderful places.

Every bite is nothing short of magic.

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