Places for Fitness Enthusiasts in NYC

New York, home of the New York Cheesecake. Cheesecake is hard calories to burn off. And if you’ve been hitting the dessert section a bit too hard, its time to begin a daily jogging routine, put your gym membership to use or try some innovative ways to work out that make fitness fun!

Say goodbye to sweaty, stinking fitness rooms and hello to fresh and amazing, alternative work out options!

Can this be true? Is there another way to get fit apart from waiting in line for the treadmill? Can fitness really be fun?

Below, is a list of traditional and boutique gyms to keep you in shape along with finding a new sense of self in New York City:

1. Blink Fitness

820 Concourse Village Bronx 10451 

Blink Fitness offers 3 floors of cardio equipment, amazingly designed to motivate you and the monthly fee is almost as much as the price you would pay for one session at a proper boutique gym!

Blink can be found at several locations in New York City making it accessible throughout.

2. Y7 Studio

If lifting weights or the same old machines don’t appeal to you as much as normal exercise, Y7 offers a different yet healthy alternative! Experience their beat pumping, sweat dripping, fast-paced yoga and burn those extra calories right off.

3. Cycling at IMAXShift

127 Plymouth St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA

If tiny and poorly spaced spin class send your head into a dizzy, you could give this one a spin. Haha. While your cycle remains in one place, the huge Dumbo studio screen, visually, will offer you beautiful scenic routes while you paddle off into your own little world tour.

4. Switch Group at Switch Playground

130 E 12th St, New York, NY 10003, USA

If you love to party and want to make working out your jam, Switch offers you the grooviest way to burn off all the weight and worry. With a live DJ bringing the heat, bring out the sweat in this high intensity, full body work out along with highly skilled Trainers to guide you through various playground activities (like box jumps, lifting weights and running on the treadmill)! Go ahead, the dance party awaits.

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