Quirkiest Food in NYC – Part 2

New York City’s heart and soul is its amazing eateries. The Big Apple is home to some of the most amazing, technical and expensive kitchens in the world. With a wide array of cuisines and styles of cooking, there is hardly any place like this one.

With so many techniques comes the will to experiment, the curiosity to try something no one has ever tried before, some crazy ideas or simple executions of flavour combinations that appeared in a dream one night.
There are hoards of people travelling from Washington DC to New York just to try these every day.
Here’s a list of some more quirky foods that will either leave you surprised or shocked:
1. Smorgasburg

Smorgasburg is where the original ramen burger was created. These little sliders were widely appreciated and accepted by the public. The buns are pre-moulded ramen noodles that are then tossed on to the pan for extra crunch, a quarter pounder beef patty, some arugula, a soy-based sauce and some melted cheese. Sounds amazing!

2. Oddfellows
If you love sausages and ice cream, there is a dessert item waiting to be tried by you. Oddfellows created a chorizo flavoured ice cream and yes they’re made with real sausages! With bits of chorizo flavouring throughout the scoop, if that doesn’t satisfy your meaty cravings, you could get some bacon infused whipped cream to top it up!
3. Miss Lily’s
Sweet corn can sometimes be pretty bland by itself, maybe that’s why its corn on the side. Miss Lily’s gives this classic little side dish the main front by charring the corn on a hot grill and brushing it with their house-made jerk mayonnaise and lastly, sprinkles flakes of dried coconut! The thought of this dish is certainly making me hungry!

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