Quirkiest Foods in New York – Part 1

New York City is known as the food capital of the world. With countless restaurants and diners, that serve all kinds of food from all around the globe and of course its signature pizzas, cheesecakes and bagels.

As amazing as they sound and taste, some dare to move beyond the usual coalition like ketchup and fries or peanut butter and jelly, and those guys either created something really amazing or completely inedible!
If you’re willing to try combinations you never dreamt of putting together or foods that have no way of complimenting each other, here’s a curious list of quirky foods worth trying while in the city:
1. Macaron Parlour
What if a French delicacy met one of the most famous American snacks? That’s the Cheetos Macaron for you. A cheeto flavoured ganache piped between semi-sweet macaron goodness dusted with more cheeto dust. Delicious? Find out for yourself, and while at it also try their candied bacon with maple syrup cream cheese macarons as well!
2. Soft Swerve
This ice cream shop in Chinatown offers your usual soft serve with an Asian twist! The Ube flavoured ice cream is purple in colour with rainbow sprinkles making itself a really great addition to your Instagram feed. The black sesame one is completely black tastes like peanut butter. Another great flavour they offer is Matcha. Sounds amazing!
3. Vinnie’s Pizzeria
Do you find yourself confused about the toppings you want on your pizza? What if you could top your pizza with some more pizza? The answers are here. At Vinnie’s you can do just this! This trend had the internet going crazy and if pizza is what you crave, you must give this place a try.
As quirky and interesting as it sounds, make sure you give it some time to settle in before you get on a bus. Just wait it out, soak in the flavour and you can catch the last bus from NYC to Washington DC.

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