Sauntering Through the West Village

The West Village is a posh neighbourhood in the Manhattan District of the New York City. Nestled in the middle of America’s largest and most popular city, the West Village resembles a picturesque European town with its charms lying in its late 18th-century cobblestone streets and townhouses. And after all these years of some of America’s most historic social movements (build up and breakthrough of beat literature, national gay liberation movement, etc.), the West Village continues to bottle the same diversity and delightfulness.

This neighbourhood is most suited for those of us who have a penchant for the finer things life has to offer, of course, lacking fuss and flamboyance.

The West Village’s well-curated bookstores, cosy cobblestone streets, trendy cafes, quaint storefronts and colonial brownstones can fool you into believing that it’s not a fast-paced world, when, in reality, it’s just the other way around. It is a prime shopping, dining and nightlife destination with people flocking here in droves all through the year. It’s also seen a huge influx of foot-traffic with a lot of people coming for a daytime saunter along its winding streets. And not to forget its wealthy, celeb-loaded demographic.

But despite all of it, the West Village has managed to keep an intimate, old-world vibe and a low-key feel. And this is exactly what sets it apart from NYC’s other clamorous neighbourhoods.

Brimming with trendsetters of all ages, living in the West Village is laid back and mellow. But there’s never a moment of dull. Tucked between the Hudson River and the Greenwich Village, the West Village looks like it has come straight out of an NYC-based romantic comedy movie. If not for the low-lit bars and off-the-grid streets, you’ll certainly fall in love with the European vibe.

For travellers who are here for a short time, before you get on the next bus to DC or other popular spots, make sure to take a stroll here. It’s definitely worth it.

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