Shakespeare in the Park

The Public Theater produces a beloved NYC democratic tradition, each year. And it is one of the best things to do in NYC in summers, and too without spending a dime. It’s none other than Shakespeare in the Park, an open-air event presented at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park.


There’s nothing quite like hearing Bard’s immortal words performed at perhaps the most beautiful of sets, with Belvedere Castle looming in the background along with the backdrop of natural splendor.


Produced by The Public Theater, Shakespeare in the Park is an immensely popular event, which means that tickets aren’t easy to come by. Only the most persevering of men will be able to score seats.

One of New York City’s most beloved summer traditions, Shakespeare in the Park involves 2 productions through the summers.


So what exactly is Shakespeare in the Park all about?


It’s a free, open-to-all series by Public Theater that provides large-scale production of the most famous of William Shakespeare’s works. You can, however, sometimes find a musical or any other drama as well.


What will all be performed this year?


While Othello and Twelfth Night have been announced, we are yet to have a complete schedule.


When is the event scheduled?


This year, this annual event will run from 29th of May to 19th of August.


Is there a particular time I should go to the event?


The initial week of any performance is when you have the best chance of scoring seats because good reviews and word of mouth are yet to push the demands up. So pick any one of the New York bus services and get going!

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