Shopping Guide for Locals

Be it avant-garde home utilities or practical basics, or dirt-cheap fashion or vintage clothing, whatever your retail revelry, you will find it all in New York City. There’s perhaps no shortage of shopping options in this city; the opportunities are just limitless. Maybe this is the reason NYC is often referred to as the global shopping capital.

But with endless possibilities come this fairly straightforward problem – where to begin? This place is essentially an outdoor mall and at each turn, you can bump into anything from posh boutiques shops to thrift stores to multi-storeyed department stores to designer flagships. Not just for the visitors, it can be overwhelming for the locals as well. This is where Ourbus kicks in. To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve got a lowdown on the best shopping places in NYC. And not to forget the easy and economical commute solution you can leverage to browse around the city in search of the shopping destinations.

For every big brand name – Bloomingdale’s

Resembling the Times Square on Saturdays, Bloomingdale’s is one of the most famous department stores in NYC and is home to numerous designer apparels and accessories you will only find in this city.

For affordable fashion – Barneys New York

With 24 flagships, boutique stores across the US, Barneys is a luxury department store chain that features an exclusive collection of designer clothing, accessories and shoes. While the lower floors house sophisticated, expensive goods, the upper floors have items for budget shoppers.

Window shopping at Madison Avenue

Home to some of the most extravagant stores in this planet, Madison Avenue is straight-up 15 blocks of flagship boutique stores and celebrity fashion shops. From Calvin Klein to Armani to Chanel and Prada, Madison Avenue is a retail experience unlike any other.

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