Sights of the Central Park

Right in the heart of the city of New York, Central Park is a lush 843-acre patch of nature. This great, green pasture is one of the city’s most popular attractions and perhaps its biggest asset. Central Park is two and a half miles in length and a half mile in width and is often touted as the heart of the city.


It’s enjoyed by both the locals and the tourists, all through the year.

Central Park is full of attractions and includes forests, lakes, monuments and spectacular architecture. From green meadows to sprawling waters, gardens and unique bridges, Central Park boasts of natural green landscapes and vistas as far as the eye can see.


Since we’re already talking, let me tell you that the park is so vast and the delights so plentiful, it can be difficult to select the park’s highlights. So for all those who are short on time, we’ve compiled a list of Central Park’s best sights.


Belvedere Castle

A stone castle atop Vista Rock, Belvedere Castle is a miniature castle which was built in 1869. The name translates to ‘a beautiful view’ which rightly so, it offers from its rooftop lookout.


Wollman Rink

Located in the southern part of the park, Wollman Rink is a public rink which opened in 1949. The rink is operational every day between the months of October and April.


The Pond

A sudden retreat from the city’s maddening chaos, the pond is one of the park’s 7 natural water bodies. It’s a serene escape just a few feet away from the 5th Avenue.


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