Sports Events in NYC

With professional teams playing almost each of the sports on this planet, New York City is perhaps the undisputed sports champion in the world. Factually speaking, New York City gave birth to some of finest sports teams in the world and hosts an infinite number of events, attracting audiences and athletes from all corners of the world. Each and every game in NYC is represented with legendary teams in the mix.

The city of New York has some of the best pro teams and definitely the most popular in the world. In pretty sure you have heard of the New York Yankees, am I right?

It doesn’t matter if it is football or basketball or hockey or baseball, sporting events in New York City are a hot, very hot commodity.

If you are in this city for any of the sporting events, you’re going to have to make a tough call. We understand that you are all in for joining in on the intensity and the excitement of sports in our city, but you’re going to have a hard time to find out what’s on during your visit to the NYC.

So to make your choice a little easier, here’s a little something for your next visit to New York City.



Season from October to April.

In a nutshell, basketball in this city is all about 2 boroughs, namely Brooklyn and Manhattan.



Season from April to October

With 2 major league baseball teams in NYC, the Yankees and the Mets, both of which have stadiums with quick access, you should definitely attend the Yankees v.s the Mets ‘subway series’, which happens twice a year.



Season from September to February

Dating back to the inception of New York Giants in 1925, football has a long-running tradition in this city. Quite interestingly, New York Giants and New York Jets share the same stadium, which is the MetLife stadium. So bad to the stadium during the season to catch a weekend game.


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