Stay Out All Night In NYC Like a Pro! – Part 2

There’s no place like New York City! And the nightlife here is unique. For a similar experience, you might have to buy a return ticket to Berlin, maybe. There’s something about staying out all night with your buddies, make drunken memories, play cool bar games and then bid adieu as the morning approaches knowing that something epic transpired. If you haven’t lived it up in New York City at night, have you really let loose!?

The city is beautiful during the day but really comes alive at night. $4 wings and bar hopping? Seems like a wonderful weekend! So get on a bus from Syracuse to NYC or a train from DC and stay out all night like a pro!

These tips may help:


It’s nighttime and you’re all set! Try to pace yourself while drinking and try to munch on something so you’re in control. The night is young and there must be more things the gang has to do! If you stick to beer earlier, you can enjoy the stronger concoctions later at night.

If you do feel sleepy or not up for it, take yourself out of the situation. There’s no shame in leaving if you’re not a hundred percent feeling it!

Keep switching between places, if you get too comfortable in one bar, chances are sleep will try to elude you much faster. New places equal a new atmosphere. Physical activity actually makes it harder to sleep.

The Morning After.

Congratulations! You’ve made it! Try to get a snack in before you head to the bed. A glass of lemonade might help with the hangover. But it’s imperative that you eat something before you sleep.

Bonus tip: Try to hit bars that are farthest away, gradually moving to the ones closer to home! It’s the smartest move for you.

Drink responsibly and party smart.

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