Stay Out All Night In NYC Like a Pro!

Night outs are awesome, the partying, the booze, the endless selfies. What’s not cool is going home hammered, crashing on a friend’s uncomfortable couch or texting your ex in the cab, on your way home. If only there were cool tips and tricks to stay out like a true New Yorker!

The nightlife is not for the faint of heart but once you know how to do it, you’ll spend select Friday/Saturday nights living it up in the city! Like Ted says in How I Met Your Mother “Nothing good happens after 2 am”, there are a lot of Teds in our lives that just don’t know that the statement is far from true!

This weekend, catch a bus from Philadelphia to NYC and experience the night, like never before!

These tips may help:

The morning.

If you have plans of staying out all night and paint the town red, you must have a healthy and hearty breakfast in the morning! Start your day like you normally would with a nice cuppa coffee! Stay away from the light! Just chill and relax all morning, conserve your energy!

The Afternoon.

If it’s the weekend, take a stroll, have a picnic or go to the market for a bit of sun and exercise! Only for a couple of hours at the most! You’d think it’d tire you out but it’ll kick your body into active mode. Remember to consume a good glass of juice and eat right!


Now that you’ve had a chill day with not too many activities tiring you out, take a nap! I know, evening naps?! But they’re super important if you’re planning to stay up all night! Try to squeeze in an hour of shut-eye, you’ll thank us, the morning after! A salad wouldn’t hurt either since you’re gonna snack on bar food later.

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