The Best Breakfast Spots in NYC

Breakfast, as we all know, is the most important meal of the day. Also, it’s the same meal that most of the New Yorkers tend to skip. Our love for brunches knows no bound. But look, there’s something very special about the breakfast. From hangover-curing salads and stacks of nectarous pancakes to bagels and lox and stuffed burritos, there’s a sheer variety of soothing options. And so many restaurants in NYC offer these amazing things before 11 am.

Here are some of the best spots we rounded up to help you get you your morning fuel.

1. King Davis Tacos: New York City’s first breakfast taco cart, King Davis’s tacos are warm, delicious and amazing to carry along when in hurry. This humble eatery runs from 6 am to 10 am on the eastern end of water street.

2. Russ & Daughters: Located on the Lower East Side, this appetizing eatery started way back in 1914 and often been acknowledged as one of the top ten restaurants in NYC.  This world-famous cafe offers some of the best Jewish comfort food – their speciality being bagel and lox sandwich.

3. Buvette: Inspired by European traditions, this super popular bistro offers French small-plates menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner, running strong up-to 2 am. Buvette’s breakfast standouts include walnut-cranberry toast smeared with pure bee pollen and espresso-steamed eggs with prosciutto.

4. George’s New York: George’s has been a legendary restaurant since 1950 owing to its great food, personality and design. This no-nonsense restaurant based in Greenwich Street serves delicious breakfast essentials. Some of its best selling breakfast items are pancakes, omelettes, eggs and hash browns and waffles.

5. Bubby’s: Serving the people of Tribeca since the last 25 years, Bubby’s is known for its simple and fresh comfort food. Located in Hudson Street, the place runs until 4 pm, every day. Smoked salmon bagel and eggs benedict are the things you should try out.

So, if you’re anywhere nearby, you can walk, run, fly or take the morning bus from DC to NY and a lot more other places to have a go at these places.

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