The Best Jazz Clubs in the City – Part 2

Jazz and blues have had a deep history seeped into NYC’s heart. It was NYC  which once played host to a number of pioneering joints including Cotton Club, Lenox Lounge and Birdland. But today, we’re a long way from jazz’s 20th-century high point. Most of the old-school venues have since been laid to rest.

However, there are still plenty of clubs around the city where one can go and immerse in the real stuff. The city of New York is still home to a plenty of places which will give you your jazz fix. Also, neither are these venues shit expensive nor are they overrun with Scandinavian tourists. Unlike what most people believe, the Jazz scene is not dead in NYC. In fact, it’s alive and kicking.

Jazz Standard

Somewhere between the garish venues of the Times Square and the smaller, sombre venues of the West Village falls Jazz Standard. It’s an upscale venue which offers jazz and blues in its far-reaching space. It has hosted many a jazz bigwig.

Iridium Jazz Club

Located right in the heart of the Times Square, Iridium was once home to the legendary Les Paul, one of the pioneers of the the electric guitar. It’s an intimate basement club and regularly features local and international artists.

Village Vanguard

Although this venue is one of the most touristy Jazz spots in the city, it’s well worth it. An iconic NYC Jazz club located in Greenwich Village, Village Vanguard is a classic spot with lots of history and spirit.

I’ve been a Jazz fan since I was 7 or 8 years old. I remember accompanying my dad to Village Vanguard on weekends. Just the thought of making it in time to catch Maryland to NYC bus on weekend was enough to get me through the rest of the week. Those were the days, the good, old days.


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