The Best Music Venues for Blues

There’s no reason for you to feel blue. New York City has a surplus of live music venues that regularly
host ace blues artists. So much so that at times, NYC’s blues offering seems limitless. And while it’s true
that the golden age of Blues and Jazz is behind us, we can do better than lamenting over the lost boat.
It’s good to know our history but not so to get lost in it.
We have rounded up the best blues music venues in our city where you can still listen to the living
legends playing sold-out sets:
1. Terra Blues: With excellent, interruption-free drinks service and the best blues act in the city,
Terra Blues is a contemporary blues saloon which has been attracting well-heeled blues lovers
for the past 20 years. A nicely-aged scotch goes best with the blues chord progressions in this
2. Village Vanguard: Perhaps the oldest blues club in Manhattan, Village Vanguard has been there
since the 1930s. From Miles Davis and John Coltrane to Chris Connor and Barbara Streisand, this
blues venue has been hosting several blues personages in its 80 years of existence. Get into the
dimly-lit space and grab a cocktail to prepare for a magical, moody night.
3. Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola: Upscale and intimate, this blues club is one of the finest venues in New
York City to roll back, relax and hear some of the finest jazz ever made. Located in Jazz at Lincoln
Center, the venue is famed for its Southern cuisine and cocktails. Along with the sumptuous
cuisine and the sounds of the finest jazz bands, you also get to see breathtaking views of Central
Park and Columbus Circle.
4. B.B. King Blues Club and Grill: Need I say more?
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