The Best NYC Neighbourhoods to Live in

So what happens when someone decides to move to New York City? They have an awful lot of trouble picking a suitable neighborhood. From Williamsburg to Chinatown to Lower East Side to Soho, they look at apartments almost everywhere. And each seems to have its own unique set of drawbacks and charms.


In New York City, where you want to live is almost always where you cannot afford to live. Price, commute distance, transportation access, nightlife, lifestyle amenities, and numerous other factors at play, it becomes rather difficult to decide whether you’d be better off residing in Chelsea or Tribeca. Maybe Astoria? And what about Hell’s Kitchen? This is also the case with almost every New Yorker; with most of them suffering from an acute case of grass-is-greener syndrome.


And to top that, NYC boasts one of the most expensive costs of living in the world, which makes finding a place to live in a big challenge. Regardless of the fact that it’s next to impossible to afford to live in NYC, people, by and large, still prefer it over any other destination, for all fiscal reasons. I wonder why. Maybe because this city, home to several hip and historic neighborhoods, proffers a sense of home to its more than 8 million residents. Who knows?


Anyway, here are some of the most popular NYC neighborhoods to live in.


East Harlem

For green space, more bars, more restaurants and more hip places. Bursting with old-school pride.



For art galleries and high line. Chelsea is as trendy as it can get. Plus it’s the best neighborhood, in my opinion, to catch a sporting event in NYC, both on and off the court.


Bedford Stuyvesant

For its 515 restaurants. Just kidding, this is the sort of place where people love to live in.



A laidback, trendy neighborhood that’s still affordable, unlike Soho.



For its nice neighborhood vibe. Plus Beyonce lives here. And so does Taylor Swift. Need I say more?


Hamilton Heights

For its sociable vibe, affordability and convenience.

So if you’re in the mood for house hunting, save up, fetch out your bus tracker app and get on a bus to one of these amazing neighborhoods.

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