The Best of NYC Gyms and Health Clubs

There’s no denying that the city of New York has some of the most enthusiastic and dynamic
humans, but the sudden outburst of health clubs and high-end gym chains have made it almost
impossible even for them to decide the best fitness venue.
Yes, the walking mastery of the New Yorkers is rightly famed. Regardless, getting outside and working
out can turn out to be taxing; especially so when you’ve been munching on that junk a little too hard.
Needless to say, it’s about time you get your blood pumping.

My aunt used to travel on a bus from DC to NY almost every alternate day where she used to stay a day. That really took a toll on her. She joined a health club in NYC for the time she was there. Aunt Jenny was smart. Be like aunt Jenny.

Here’s our take on some of the best gyms and fitness clubs in the city to help you get rid of the pounds
you’ve packed:
1. Blink Fitness: Offering 3 floors of strength machines and cardio equipment and everything else
you feel will suit your workout plan, Blink Fitness is an ever-expanding budget fitness chain
currently operating 5 gyms in Manhattan, 4 across Bronx, 3 units in Brooklyn and 2 in Queens.
While it does not offer any classes, the monthly membership starting at $15 makes for it all.
2. 24 Hour Fitness: Clean, friendly and convenient; 24 Hour Fitness is spread across 4 locations,
namely Bronx, Midtown, Soho and Madison Square Park. It’s a solid but very elemental gym
with a handful of perks like the steam room and towel service, rightly justifying the monthly fee
starting at $30.
3. Planet Fitness: Spread across the city, Planet Fitness is the best choice for someone who travels
for work. A $10 monthly fee is all you need to get started with a single club. For access to all the
clubs within the city, you pay $19.99. Of course, this gym comes with no classes.
4. Swerve Fitness: World’s first team-inspired indoor cycling studio, Swerve Fitness is the best
health club for those who feel they could benefit from a sense of competition. Though it’s
basically a cycling studio, their high-intensity interval training focuses on a full-body workout.

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