The Best of NYC Nightlife

The city of New York abounds with clubs and pubs. Since the initial days of Danceteria in the early 80s, New York City’s nightlife has come a long way. The ever-growing popularity of after hours parties has inundated us with bottle services, velvet ropes, swanky dance floors and cheap drinks. Flip through the avenues and streets and for once, and you’ll understand how overwhelming it can be to pick out the best in this city brimming with after- dark entertainment.

To help you cut loose from monotony, we’ve scoped out some of the fiercest of venues. People, it’s time to get your groove on.

  1. Bossa Nova Civic Club: A techno hangout in Brooklyn and NYC’s coziest bar-cum-club, Bossa Nova reflects the spirit of New York City like no other venue does. Since its inception in 2012, the venue has managed to host a number of industry pioneers. Tucked in the city’s hippest neighborhood, it’s your best bet for a Monday night dance party.
  2. Good Room: Featuring a full roster of electronic concerts and DJs, Good Room is Greenpoint’s only fully-fledged club. A heaven for music lovers built by music lovers, it has a perfectly sized dance floor, a mammoth sound system, a sizable bar and serves reasonably-priced drinks.
  3. Lavo: An upscale Italian eatery and restaurant in Midtown Manhattan, Lavo never leaves its guest disappointed. Be it Saturday afternoon or Tuesday night, there’s always a party going on at Lavo.
  4. Cielo: Melding an evocative, retro theme with modernity, this nightclub in Manhattan is wholly meant for dance and music. The concave dance floor, crystal-clear music system and a hypnotizing lighting system keep the venue stimulated throughout, especially on weekends.

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