The Chrysler Building

Completed in 1930, this shining masterpiece intends to pay homage to the automobile. Built by William Van Alen, the Chrysler Building is identifiable from any distance for its distinguishable style and profile against its surroundings, and is one of the most beloved NYC’s architectural manifestations.


Famous as it is, the Chrysler Building holds many fascinating secrets, which are compounded by the fact that it is almost impossible to visit beyond the lobby area and it doesn’t come with tours, unlike some other skyscrapers including the Woolworth Building and the Empire State Building.


With the initial intention to be the world’s tallest building, it only managed to retain the position for eleven months until it was surpassed by the Empire State Building in 1931. But because of its iconic and beautiful design, the height of the building never actually mattered. Owing to its Art Deco architecture, many contemporary architects consider it to be one of the finest buildings in the world.


Costing a total of $20,000,000, the construction of this unique skyscraper involved the use of 29,961 tons of steel, about 3,826,000 bricks, and 5,000 windows.


Like I mentioned above, there’s no way a tourist can venture beyond the building’s lobby because the rest of the building is leased out to business firms. The several bus services to NYC are easier than accessing the building beyond its lobby. But that’s, of course, until you know this little secret. Located on the 69th floor is a dental clinic, which is open to anyone with dental discomfort. You can kick out the discomfort and as an added bonus, have spectacular city views.

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