The Feast of San Gennaro

A New York festival, the Feast of San Gennaro is an 11-day salute to the patron saint of Naples, run by Figli di San Gennaro, a non-profit organization. Every year, in the month of September, more than a million people from all corners of the world flock to the Feast of San Gennaro and take part in the religious processions, parades, musical performances, and, of course, for the delectable Italian cuisine.


2018 marks 92nd anniversary of this festival since it began in 1926. It all started when Italian immigrants settled in New York City’s Little Italy. A concerted heave every September, the Feast of San Gennaro celebrates the culture and traditions of Manhattan’s very own Little Italy. Just get on one of the several buses to New York and experience the festival.


Locals and tourists alike get psyched for the Feast of San Gennaro. Just so you don’t miss out on anything, here’s a low-down of everything incredible at the feast.


Who’s the Boss-famed Tony Danza serves food to visitors at his co-owned venture, Alleva, one of America’s oldest cheese store?


Blessing of the Strands – wherein a Parish priest parades through the fest, blessing all the vendors, kickstarting the gleeful days to come.


The cannoli-eating competition organized by Ferrara Bakery and Cafe. To register yourself for the event, you need to call 212-764-6330.


The Roman Catholic grand procession.


The Opera Night brimming with unique vocalists.


The Solemn High Mass held at the Shrine Church of the Most Precious Blood.


For not everyone has a sweet tooth, there’s also a Meatball Eating competition.


This year, the Feast begins on Wednesday, 19th September.



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