The Lowline – Underground Park

Verdant oasis has been crammed into every nook and cranny of New York City. Some are eased between towering skyscrapers, while others are carved out of military posts and abandoned railroad tracks, with one even laid on top of landfills. But it is still not enough, I guess.


And now the latest target in the inquest to carve out more verdure is at the city’s subterranean level, i.e. the home to subways, sewage lines, and rats.


It’s amazing news for the fans of subterranean flora: New York City officials just gave a green signal to build the Lowline, the world’s first underground park, and that too in an abandoned trolley terminal.


If all goes as planned, soon our subway system won’t be the only subterranean destination in NYC. On July 14th, deputy mayor Alicia Glen and the NYC Economic Development Corporation announced their approval of the Lowline Project, the world’s first underground park, which will be located below Delancey Street, at the west end of the Williamsburg Bridge.


Dubbed as the world’s first underground park, the Lowline aims to emulate the success of the city’s elevated High Line and will serve as a place for both the local community and New York’s countless tourists to hang out. Just think of it like the High Line, but below the ground.


Aimed at using its own unique technology that captures sunlight through high-tech panels above ground and reflects down through a series of pipes, the Lowline would feature a year-round garden with herbs and vegetables.


The Lowline, which will be costing around $80 million, continues to face significant hurdles. However, if all goes as planned, it would be out to the public by 2021.

When the time comes, Ithacians, get on a bus from Ithaca to New York and see something truly amazing!

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