The Most Overlooked Historical Attractions in New York City

Most of the citizens and visitors to New York City perceive its past through the lenses of modern icons like the Empire State Building and through some of its distinguished museums. As it so happens, these establishments are inclined more towards the history of the USA and the rest of the world and fail to tell the narrate NYC’s glorious history. New York City, as the majority thinks, isn’t only about LED screens, dazzling lights and the best skyline in the world.

Eclipsed by their more famous equivalents, there are several historical monuments in the city that tell the tales of NYC like no other. Move beyond the tourist trail, there’s a wealth of information waiting for you in anticipation.

  1. Apollo Theater: Since its inception in 1914, Apollo Theater has played a dominant role in the evolution of music genres such as jazz, gospel, blues, etc, all of which are quintessentially American.
  2. Brooklyn Bridge: Sometimes referred to as the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World,’ Brooklyn Bridge was the longest suspension bridge when it opened in 1883; 50% longer than any bridge previously built. And ever since, it’s served as a testament to NYC’s architectural brilliance.
  3. Cathedral of St. John, the Divine: The only sectarian attraction in our list, this is the 4th largest Christian church in the world. While most of us are aware of Grace Church and Trinity Church, we’ve always been oblivious to St. John. To this day, the construction of this church remains unfinished, giving rise to the alias ‘St. John the Unfinished.’
  4. Ellis Island: It’s a historical site that was established in 1892 as an immigration station. In the years that followed, more than 12 million immigrants passed through these gates. It’s estimated that around 40% of all the American citizens can trace at least one of their forebear to this island.

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