The Northern Highlights of Central Park

Ah, the Central Park, the stretched out, green oasis in the heart of NYC. Central Park is undeniably beautiful and huge, too huge. But that’s something most people know. Sadly, what most people do not know is how big the park really is. This is because they rarely get beyond the southern portion.


To give you a fair idea, the park is two and a half miles in length and crammed with abundant landscapes and attractions. In fact, there’s simply too much to see in one visit. While most visitors are well-acquainted with the more famous sites of the park’s southern end, a handful has explored its northern half. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the south end part of the park – some of my favorite Central Park attractions are down there. Yet, I feel that there really is something to be said for the quietude and beauty of the north end of Central Park.  So if you have not ventured there yet, here are some of the remarkable (and of course, less crowded) highlights of the Central Park’s northern end.


The Harlem Meer – with its weeping willows and all ducks, it’s the park’s most preferred fishing space


The North Woods – 90 acres of wilderness looks more like a hiking trail than a park with a metropolitan. There’s also a blockhouse which dates back to 1814


East Meadow – a pastoral lawn meant solely for sunbathing and picnics


The Reservoir – covering one eight of the park’s surface area, the reservoir offers a serene sense of solitude and space


The Glen Span Arch – a romantic vista from 1865, Glen Span Arch is one of the two rustic arches within the park

If you feel like doing something apart from binge-watching your favorite shows, drinking or catching a sporting event in NYC, take a walk down Central Park and refresh your senses.


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