Theater District – The Heart of Manhattan

Broadway is the pulsating heart of New York City’s performing arts scene. No visit to NYC is complete
without indulging in the spirited enjoyment available at the Broadway. And Midtown Manhattan’s
Theater District is exactly where the most number of Broadway theatres are located, along with a host
of other restaurants, bars and movie theatres. Bustling with energy, the Theater District exemplifies
NYC’s hustle.
The theatre district holds dozens of historic venues that stage long-running hits and musicals and
dramas, seven days a week. If you’ve always been an ardent lover of theatre and would be heading to
New York City soon, this post is written just for you. Welcome to the heart of Manhattan. We will help
you capture the very essence of the Theater District.
Fun Fact: The post-depression era saw the arrival of countless downtown-influenced theatre, music and
dance venues, and hence the name ‘Theater District.’
Theater District is a vigorous, tourist-friendly neighbourhood. While it’s a great place for culture-and-
people-watching, it’s also one of NYC’s most provoking place where one can live and party and play
while being at ‘the centre of it all’. Calling it a neighbourhood would, in fact, be a minimization. Theater
District is more of a global crossroads of sorts, with some of NYC’s most iconic landmarks like Times
Square and Madison Square Garden around.
When in Theater District, do not expect a quiet, suburb vibe and pervasive green space. Tourists and
taxis dominate the scene here. The setting here is full of life; entertainment packed venues, street
performers, constantly packed drinking and dining scene and the constant stream of tourists keep the
place running round-the-clock.
You are bound to fall in love with the Theater District. With the never-ending entertainment options,
jaw-dropping landmarks, tourists from all walks of life and Brobdingnagian commercial outposts, there’s
perhaps no other place in NYC as stimulating as the Theater District.

Keep this in mind the next time you take the bus from DC to New York. There is nothing more mesmerising than letting yourself flow and losing yourself in the world of literature.

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