Things to buy if you’re a daily bus traveller

I’m a shopaholic and I know it. Although it is one of my guilty pleasures, there are some situations where it turns out to be really helpful. I have almost everything I need for every situation sitting at my place.

Recently, work called for me to take the daily bus from NYC to DC. I looked into my closet and found everything I needed to gear up for this daily bus journey. The philanthropist in me thought of sharing this with you.

So here’s a list of things you should own if you’re a daily bus traveller and do daily moderate to tough journeys:

  1. Neck pillow

Do you have frequent neck and backaches? Then you definitely need this. These come on the market from 10 USD to 100 USD. Pick one that’s in your budget and you’re comfortable with. Trust me on this, you won’t regret it.

2. Earphones

If you’re distracted easily and are restless, there’s a high probability that you need a good playlist and a good pair of earphones. Make sure that you pick ones that are not too cheap and are of decent quality. Decent quality earphones do not tire out your ears very easily. Cheap ones can easily induce tinnitus and cause hearing damage and fatigue.

3. Wet wipes

Chances are you’ll need these more than you think. I used to ignore these until I got used to them. Now, I can’t travel without these. It’s very difficult to imagine a journey without them.

Happy Travels!

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