Things to do in Prospect Park

Striking the perfect balance between the old, historic Brooklyn and a new, urban Brooklyn, Prospect Park is a Brooklyn neighborhood with an overabundance of rich verdure, cultural diversity, quaint eateries, intriguing museums, and intriguing galleries.


Located in the right in the center of Brooklyn, Prospect Park welcomes more than 8 million visitors each year. I, for one, can personally vouch for about 38 visits a year.


Designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, who were already high on the success of the famous Central Park, Prospect Park is built on 585 acres of land and puts forward a host of activities, making it a worthwhile destination for both locals and tourists.


There sure are great things to do in New York City, but only a few can outshine Prospect Park’s annual events and attractions.


While the park has changed a lot since its public opening in 1867, there’s still a lot left to do. There are innumerable ways to enjoy the Prospect Park. Here are some of our favorite activities.


Commence your journey at the Grand Army Plaza. This is where the Park’s northernmost entrance is located.


Check out the thriving wildlife residing at the Prospect Park Zoo. From otters to Australian dingos to hamadryas baboons to red pandas, there’s a lot in here for animal lovers.


The bike lanes have been refurbished. You can now cruise romantically through the park on a bike. And you should, too. It’s totally worth your time and energy.


Be a Roller Disco Queen at Lola Star’s Dreamland Roller Disco.


Hear amazing music at Prospect Park Bandshell. And thanks to Celebrate Brooklyn, the shows are now free.


There are also movie screenings at the Bandshell, but that’s a rare occasion.


And lastly, go to Smorgasburg for eclectic cuisines from over a hundred vendors.

How to get here? Just pick one of the several buses to New York!

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