Throw Around Some Color – Best Paintball Places in NYC

How many times do you pick out that orange or fluorescent green colored shirt to wear to work?

I’ll tell you how many times. Zero.

Our mundane lives have put us in a place where we’re used to the colorless monotony.

(That’s a lot of philosophy there. I probably shouldn’t have taken it up as my major.)

Anyway, no matter if it’s a casual outing you’re planning with your colleagues or a fun date with your loved one or want your kids to have an exhausting and fun day, you can never go wrong with paintball.

Here are some of the best places in and around New York City to have at a game of paintball:

NY Paintball

47-11 Van Dam St, Long Island City, NY

This is an indoor paintball place in the city. If you’re not looking forward to the mess, don’t fret, there’s laser tag too.

Staten Island Paintball Center

2727 Arthur Kill Road, Staten Island, NY

Get a free ferry ride as soon as you enter. You can enjoy paintball at this place at the cheapest possible prices and a lot of other deals. The food catered is also amazing.

Coram, Long Island Paintball

388 Granny Road, Coram, NY

Want the tension to build up like a warzone? You’re in the right place. The fields here are huge for throwing around paint and friendly war vibes.

Manchester, NJ Outdoor Paintball Park

750 Whiting-New Egypt Road, Manchester, NJ

Are you looking for a scenario game? You should probably head here. Be sure to check out their schedule for your favorite intense paintball scenario.

These places span all over the city and all the paintball games are sure to drain out quite some energy and money from you. To get to these places, be sure to check out Ourbus. OurBus owned buses run on all the major routes covering a number of commuter and intercity routes such as Binghamton to NYC, NYC to DC, Ithaca to NYC, NYC to Binghamton, etc.

It’s a good way to make sure you don’t get tired driving around or you don’t have to worry about the kids.

Happy hunting!


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