Times Square’s Finest Eateries

Times Square is perhaps the most touristy destination in the entire city. And it’s hard to believe that it’s home to more-than-decent restaurants. For a very long time, Times Square was a food wasteland overrun with mediocre eateries. It’s a major reason why locals tend to shy away from this place.

But then there are times when visit the Times Square becomes unavoidable. At some point or the other, you’ll find yourself at this place – be it for a Broadway show or for any of its signature attractions.

However, the times have changed. This much-ridiculed place isn’t what it used to be. It houses a number of gems that are reasonably priced, hassle free and most of all, serve excellent eats. In fact, some of the best Korean restaurants, the best burgers and the best Japanese food in NYC lies in this neighbourhood. With OurBus’ guide to the best restaurants in Times Square, you can easily skip the tourist traps and visit the place to your liking.

Carmine’s Restaurant

Address: 200 West 44th Street (7th/8th Aves), NYC

This restaurant has been serving lip-smacking Italian-American dishes since 1992. Offering family-style portions, each of the dishes at Carmine’s is made for sharing. For a mafia-sized family, it’s a blessing in disguise.


Address: 346 W 52nd Street, NYC

A modern, 36-seat Korean joint, Danji is an upscale restaurant and cocktail bar that features authentic Korean flavours fused with French techniques. If you’re into Korean food and know what to expect, this restaurant is pretty straight-forward.

Totto Ramen

Address: 366 W 52nd Street, NYC

A noodle shop that originated in NYC, Totto Ramen operates at multiple locations within the city. Where solid dining begins thinning out, Totto Ramen provides authentic and irresistible Japanese cuisine.


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