Travel Tips for Regular Bus Travellers!

Traveling in buses is often the most convenient and fast way to reach your destination without too much hassle. But buses can be tedious at times. Packed with crowd, uncomfortable seats or long journeys, you might find yourself stuck without a solution to the problem at hand.

Here is a list of travel tips that can make your bus journey a happier one:

1. Bring your pair of earphones. Music helps when it comes to long or short travels.

2. Carry a stole or jacket, in case it gets too cold or uncomfortable.

3. Carry a neck pillow if you need a quick snooze.

4. Arrive a few minutes earlier to your scheduled bus.

5. Keep your valuables safe.

6. Check the area around you to see if you’ve left something behind, before leaving.

7. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing.

8. Always keep an extra handkerchief or napkin with you.

9. Carry a sugar-rich or nutritious snack with you.

10. A puzzle or a book can go a long way if you are.

11. Make sure you have bought your tickets or booked your bus tickets online.

All of us know how hectic buses could get. It’s not just the journey, it’s about booking the bus tickets online, reaching the bus stop on time, making sure your bus is taking the desired route and if that’s not enough, all that packing. Ugh.

Make sure you put together a checklist of all these things every time you’re travelling and you’ll be just fine. Well, that’s the way I do it. There’s no wrong way to do it.

Happy travels!

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