Waiting for the next bus to DC? Here are some book clubs to kill time!

A hub of people with diverse tastes, New York City is a melting point where countless people and groups
meet each day to discuss and share ideas and interests, and book clubs aren’t any different, though,
most of them are scant and fleeting, and lacking a central agency. However, there are a handful of them
that routinely meet. Members here have a deep-rooted passion for literature and it is their shared
interest that keeps these book clubs going.

Guess what? Waiting for the next bus to DC just got interesting! Get ready to meet like-minded people, make friends and talk about something besides what you
currently gossip about.

Books That Make You Go Hmmm…! Meetup

Chosen as one of the 5 best book clubs in New York, this book club is best suited for people with eclectic
tastes. If you are comfortable restricting yourself to genres/gender/author-specific books; you’re better
off staying away from this book club. Its interests range from Shakespeare and Dickens to Ayn Rand and
Jane Austen; basically everything from non-fiction to fiction to something downright bizarre.
You’ll have to get to their website to know about the upcoming meet-ups.

New York 1001 Books and Movies Meetup

For everyone who’s fascinated with highly-regarded cinema and literature, this is perhaps the club you
can join in New York City. Their ‘1001 series’ involves books, cinema, music albums and paintings that
everyone should experience, at least once in their lifetime.
Meet-ups locations keep on fluctuating.

Word Book Store

Word Book Center has a number of book clubs in Brooklyn, namely Romance Book Group, Classics Book
Group, Humans are Awesome Book Group, Poetry Book Group, Music Writing Book Group and Gilmore
Girls Book Group. Located on Franklin Street, these book groups meet on Saturdays.
Also, the selection of books on these groups is available on a 10% sale the month before the meetings
are scheduled.

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