Walks, Runs and Marathons

Walking the city of New York isn’t just a job for the New Yorkers, it’s their passion. And they never pass up a chance for a good walk. While it’s true that the Ourbus, NYC’s premier bus service and the subway system make exploring the city easier and faster, there’s nothing better than exploring it on foot. Walking, or running, in this case, is the best way to absorb everything New York City has to offer.

Okay, I do understand how New York City is overcrowded with millions of people and pigeons. And sure, more than half of the people are biting and hurtful. But then our city also has some of the finest attractions and picturesque routes in the entire country, if not the world. In fact, some of them are so striking that they’ll make you forget the exorbitant house rent, let alone the annoying people.

So now that we’re all set to give you the much-needed push to get very you off your couch, let’s take a look at the upcoming walks/runs/marathons. Whichever one you choose, you’ll never forget weaving through the sights and sound of the New York City.


4M Snowflake Race


When: February 4, 09:00

Where: Long Beach Rec Department, Long Beach


The Go Hard or Go Home Half Marathon


When: February 5, 09:00

Where: Prospect Park, Brooklyn


Cupid’s Chase 5k


When: February 11

Where: Riverside Park


Cupid’s Undie Run – Children’s Tumor Foundation


When: February 18

Where: West 48th Street


Prospect Park 10 Miler and Relay


When: February 19, 10:00

Where: Prospect Park, Brooklyn


NYRR Al Gordon 4M


When: February 25, 08:00

Where: Prospect Park, Brooklyn


A lot of folks come all the way by the bus from Washington DC to NYC to watch these events in all their glory. If you’re anywhere in DC or NYC, do not miss this.

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