What to do in NYC this Spring

Springtime: When the flowers bloom and allergies spike to an all-time high.It’s not too warm, not too cool, a little chilly at night but the weather is unpredictably blissful. Styling is the most fun at this time as you can pair that beautiful sundress from Saks with that denim jacket you found at the flea and own the outfit with a cute pair of faux leather boots.

All dressed up and nowhere to go? Fret not, we have a few options lined up for you, this spring. Just hop on the next bus to New York City and get your spring fling on.

Here’s a list of some cool things you can do this spring:

1. When: April 14

What to do: Learn to make your own pasta in the city’s pasta hotspot, Little Italy. The two-hour long class, hosted by the restaurant’s executive chef, will open up some trade local secrets like dough-making and noodle pulling. And at the end of the class, you and your fellow pasta expert get a full, family-style pasta meal.

Where: Aunt Jake’s

How to reach:  151 Mulberry St, New York, NY 10013, USA

Price: $35

2. When: April 15

What to do: Sausage party! Enough with the frozen sausages or dollar dogs. Learn how to mix, stuff and link your signature sausage courtesy of the Meat Hook team! Also enjoy craft beers from the brewery, on the house!

Where: Threes Brewing

How to reach:  333 Douglass St, Brooklyn, NY 11217, USA

Price: $95

3. When: April 16

What to do: Mixology Masterclass! Ever felt like you’d make a damn good bartender? Look no further for this two-hour long class will turn you into a mixology top cat! And you get your polaroid posted, on the bar’s “on duty” board, in their special Master Class blazer.

Where: Genuine Liquorette

How to reach: 191 Grand St, New York, NY 10013, USA

Price: $100

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