Where to Find the Best Burgers in NYC

NYC houses some of the United State’s oldest and most illustrious burgers that span a list of patties and ingredients as diverse as the city’s burger scene. Our city is full of burgers. Today, however, much to our surprise, the city’s burgers aren’t just coming out of burger-centric eateries. As a matter of fact, very few are. They can be now found at old-school pubs and beach shacks and cocktail bars and cafes. It goes on to prove that burgers in NYC are no longer an afterthought on the menu.


In a diverse landscape of patty melts, double cheese, and more, how do we go about declaring NYC’s best burgers? We all have insanely passionate opinions about burgers.


And what exactly makes a burger better than the others? Is it the patty or the bun? Or is it the pickles or the toppings or the cheese? Truth be told, it all matters. And there are so many places where one can go right or wrong.


And just so you know, coming up with this list wasn’t an easy task. Words were had and opinions go exchanged and allegiances were broken, rather quickly and intensely. Almost all of us went through every imaginable detail before deciding upon the best burgers in town. Quite a few hours were spent debating inside conference rooms with no one going in or out. Of course, some of it can seem a bit exaggerated, but one thing’s for sure. We ate a lot of burgers in the process.


So these are some of the burgers you can prioritize over that thin-crust pizza:


  1. The Burger at Boilermaker   

Where to Find: 13 1st Avenue, New York City


  1. In-house Burger at American Cut

Where to Find: 363 Greenwich Street, New York City

109 E 56th Street, New York City


  1. Sebastian’s Steakhouse Burger at Brindle Room

Where to Find: 277 E 10th St, New York City


  1. Cheeseburger at J.G. Melon’s

Where to Find: 1291 3rd Ave, New York City


  1. Chargrilled Burger with Roquefort at The Spotted Pig

Where to Find: 314 W 11th St, New York City


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