Why we should renew our new year resolutions?

Did you ever wonder as a kid and even as a college student as to why we need exams? I mean exams seem to be an unsurmountable, unavoidable, supposedly necessary evil right? I would hate exam times when in high school I did an all-nighter trying to prepare for a particularly difficult paper when everyone around me got to go to bed on time. I was angry out of sheer envy. I swore not to take exams in my life as an adult. And then life of course has its cruel way of paying me back on my face. Who was I kidding? Workplace appraisals are not the only examinations we face as adults. Every single day, every situation in life is but a test. And these tests exist for a reason, to sharpen our resolve, to eliminate the unnecessary and to realign our direction. They force us to gather single minded resoluteness. But what does all of this have to do with new year resolutions, right?

Well a new year is a non-imposed opportunity to reflect and correct course. And since exams bring out discipline, it is important to create our own examination mechanism in the form of resolutions. While many people including me, struggle with resolutions like losing weight, not to eat sweets, not buy stuff- I am speaking of broader buckets of suggested resolutions which may help you reflect and correct.

  1. To stick to a habit
  2. To contribute
  3. To give up
  4. To acquire
  5. To participate
  6. To cleanse


More elaborate stories on each of these coming your way. Meanwhile don’t forget your resolve to book your tickets at OurBus today!

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