Wine Places for Winners

Remember when we were in college?
Chugging was the only way to do it. It still is, sometimes and those are the nights we don’t remember.
On the other hand, wine is the elixir of life. It is the drink for gentlemen and ladies. We all know the multiple benefits of drinking a glass of wine now and then.
If good drinking habits exist, it does among wine drinkers.
Here’s a list of some of the best wine bars in New York City:

1. The Four Horsemen

LCD Soundsystem’s, James Murphy stirred up quite a storm with this unique wine bar. The aesthetic of this place is through the roof with wooden interiors, cloth covered walls, vintage sound machines and bookshelves. Their wines are sourced from Western Europe and the States but are actually pretty affordable. The staff is pretty helpful and will guide you through if you don’t know what vin to pick.

2. Corkbuzz Wine Studio

Corkbuzz is a restaurant and wine bar offering you 50+ types of wine from places like South Africa, Europe, Lebanon and USA. Along with a reasonable $15 glass, they also educate you about the different kinds of wine in the world. It’s sort of like a masterclass where you get to taste what the chef has brought to the table.

3. Vanguard Wine Bar

Vanguard is everything you thought a bar is through the movies you’ve watched about New York. This beauty has an Upper West Side charm playing tunes by Frank Sinatra, extra looking vintage chandeliers and streaming old but classic movies on the flatscreen. They offer a number of domestic and international wines and have segregated them by nature so it’s easy to choose your next glass.

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